Lawn Care Program
The Five Step
1st. Applied March/April:
Balance fertilizer for fast
green up
Pre- Emergent (Crab Grass Control)
Lime (Optional)
2nd. Applied May/June:
Balanced fertilizer
Pre- Emergent for Extra Protection
(Crab Grass Control)
Spot spray broadleaf weeds
Dylox Grub control for signs of active grubs
(Optional) MUST BE WATERED IN!!!
3rd. Applied July/Aug:
High Nitrogen Fertilizer
Spot treat broad leaf weed control
Merit Grub control (Optional)
4th. Applied Aug/Sept:
High Nitrogen Fertilizer to help lawn from
Summer stress
Spot Broadleaf weed control
5th. Applied Oct/Nov:
Winter Fertilizer to help build a strong root
Lime (Optional)
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