Lawn Dethatching
Power raking is one of the first thing we like to do in the early spring.  
We use a thatching machine to remove the thatch in your lawn. Power raking
your lawn in the spring time is also good for removing any debris like leaves,
sticks, and deed grass that my accumulate over the winter. Power raking your
lawn also helps to get air, water and nutrients into your lawn faster.
What is Thatch?
Thatch is the layer of grass stems, dead roots, and debris that accumulates a
above the soil and below grass blades.  Thatch is not a problem unless it
to thick. A thatched lawn will feel spongy underfoot. Insect and disease may
develop in the thatch layer, and getting enough water and fertilizer into the soil
becomes difficult.
When is the best time to Dethatch?
The best time to dethatch is just before the lawn's most vigorous growth of the
season. For warm-season grasses, dethatch when warm weather begins in late
spring. Cool-season grasses grow best in spring and fall. The prime time to
dethatch is in the fall; the second-best time is early spring.
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