What is Hydroseeding?
Hydroseeding is quickly becoming the number 1 way of establishing
a new lawn quickly. Hydroseeding in a process of combining water,
grass seed mixer, starter fertilizer, tackifier, and mulch blends to
hold in the moisture. This thick slurry is the sprayed on your
prepped lawn area. The tackifier agent when dries acts as a mat
over your grass seed and hydroseed mixers to keep them from
puddling and erosion before the new grass germinates. We use
nothing but the best quality  grassed and fertilizers. Our grass seed
blends consist of Blue grass, fescue, and perennial grass seed.
How Much Do I Water?
Water grass 3 times a day for 15 minutes per  
section or irrigation zone.

Keep soil damp at all times. Don't let water puddle
or run off. Adjust watering time according to your
soil elevation.

When grass height reached 3" you can turn your
watering cycle back to 1 time a day.
Cutting Your new Grass
When your lawn reaches 3 inches it is time to give
it its first cutting but make sure you don't cut your
new lawn with dull blades.
Hydroseeded areas
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